The Down Low on Split Ends

The Down Low on Split Ends

The  Low Down on Split Ends

Split ends are the enemy to gorgeous curls, especially when wearing your curls in styles that will show how the hair really looks. Don’t let split ends ruin the options for styling or wearing your hair

Before you get irrational and shave your whole head, learn where split ends come from, how to get rid of them, and how to avoid them altogether.

The most common include reasons include:

Over-usage of heat tools — Heat Damage is a big factor. Pulling out the blow dryer every day and turning the heat up to the max won’t save your hair!

Chemical treatments — Including relaxers, color and bleaching.Additional treatments like coloring or bleaching your curls gives your hair a new look, but can also change the natural element of the hair cuticle When the cuticle is weakened, split ends are bound to appear at all points along the hair shaft.

Trimming — Lack of trimming or incorrect hair trimming. We are not perfect and even though we try to make habits to do what’s right for our hair we end up needing a trim to help keep our hair healthy and growing stronger. Trimming when necessary is helpful to the ends and the reducing the split ends from going up the hair shaft.

Health Habits—Poor Diet or Health conditions from medications. Make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients you need and are drinking plenty of water. Some medications are also a contributing factor to the dryness because of the good bacteria the body may not be producing or fighting. Consult with professional doctor to see if this may a factor to your hair experiencing dryness. If you are experiencing split ends and are following the rest of the tips, consider getting a blood test to see if you have any nutrient deficiencies. Getting that sorted out could help a lot more than just your hair.



Avoiding split ends may come down to these 7 Tips




Wear second-day or even third day hair Give you hair a break. Keep the style you have for at least 2-3 days to make the most out of doing your hair. Low manipulation reduces as much stress and pulling on your hair.

Shampoo only your scalp A clean scalp will be a good start to how your hair will grow and stay healthy. If you give your hair a good start as it grows from your scalp the hair will be less damage as it grows. The Kandy Kurls Peppermint CoWash is great option, if you’re looking for great cleanser to remove the build up without losing out the moisture your curls need to keep split ends from resurfacing.

Condition hair Your ends. Work the conditioner into your hair not just at the scalp but also increase it at the tips. The Kandy Kurls Hair Masque is a helpful conditioning product, that your curls will benefit from the moisture and work the product into the ends of your hair.

Increase conditioning: deep conditioning is helpful and also reduces your hair from splitting. Hair Steaming can help bring more and reduce split ends. This can bring the moisture that is not happening and need a boost of moisture that sometimes doesn’t seem to happen if your hair isn’t exposed to a moist atmosphere.

Trimming: Trim Hair with Sharp, Quality Hair Shears. Invest in a quality pair of Hair Shears. If you not familiar with trimming your split ends, seek a professional stylist to make sure your hair is properly trimmed.

Create a Moisture Barrier: seal your hair with a daily moisturizer with water-based moisturizing products and oiling the hair as a seal will also help prevent split ends. Products like the Kandy Kurls Moisturizing Leave-in Conditioner is a great product to lubricate the hair fiber and keep the hair soft and supple. It also shields the hair from the harsh sun and other environmental hair stressors, like wind and humidity. By Focusing on daily moisturizers and oils near the ends of the hair shaft, can help because it’s more vulnerable to split ends than the roots.

Improve Diet and Health: So much of what happens outside is what’s going on inside. An improve diet can help and reduce the dryness and issues that are stemmed from the foods or medications we ingest. Carefully read labels and see what are the side effects that may be factor to your body and hair.

Ultimately, the main things to remember for how address split ends reduce the use of heat, diet, hair conditioning regime and trimming when needed. Make sure that you are getting all of the nutrients you need and are drinking plenty of water. Split ends exist but it doesn’t have to become a regular part of our lives, if you try to give your curls the TLC it so deserves.

 So the Question is..How do you deal with split ends?

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